Marine Insurance (MARIN-P)

Reading list

I. Course books. To be purchased at Jure bookstore, situated at Artillerigatan 67. 

Marine and Other Types of Transport Insurance – A Brief Introduction to the Swedish Regulations and Conditions by Johansson, Svante O. 2013

Reed's Marine Insurance by Barrie Jervis, Adlard Coles Nautical London 2005.

II. Compendia. To be purchased at Juristernas bookstore, situated at campus, at a later date 

Study Materials, autumn 2015

Clauses & Rules, autumn 2015

III. Other Recommended Litterature 

Handbook in Hull Insurance, Willhelmsen & Bull, 2007

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Course title:
Marine Insurance
Semester: Autumn term 2015
Study period: 1
Rate of studies: 100%
Level: Specialized Course for Master of Science Degre
Credits: 15.0
Language of instruction: English


Course contact:
Course coordinator:
Teaching assistant:
Caroline Svensson
Course manager:
Johan Schelin


Bill Dufwa
Claes Westman
Hugo Tiberg
Oscar Tiberg
Peter Fischier