Human Rights in a Global Perspective (HRGP-P)

Reading list

Spring 2020

- International Human Rights Law, edited by Daniel Moeckli, Sangeeta Shah, Sandesh Sivakumaran and David Harris, Oxford University Press, 3rd Edition, 2018, 643 pp.

- Blackstone's International Human Rights Documents (Paperback) edited by Alison Bisset, Oxford University Press, 11th Edition, 2018, 512 pp.

- A selection of articles, book chapters and cases will be made available through the course website in connection with each lecture.

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Course title:
Human Rights in a Global Perspective
Semester: Spring term 2020
Study period: 1
Rate of studies: 100%
Credits: 15.0
Language of instruction: English


Course contact:
Course coordinator:
Sara Freeman
Course manager:
David Fisher


Dawody Nylén Hevi
Fisher David
Longworth Sally
Mahmoudi Said
Petman Jarna
Underwood William
Anna Rogalska-Hedlund
Rhodri Williams
Théo Jaekel