International Law and the Global Economy (ILE-B)


Name:David Langlet
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Doctor of Laws
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Environmental Law
Public International Law

  Since 2010 David is reader (docent) in environmental law at Stockholm University. He has previously worked as researcher and lecturer at the School of Business, Economics and Law, University of Gothenburg.

David is coordinator for environmental law at the law programme and director for two elective courses in environmental law. He also alternates with Prof. Pål Wrange as director for the elective course "International Law and Economy”.

David is a member of the board of the Stockholm Environmental Law and Policy Centre (

David’s doctoral thesis ’Prior Informed Consent and Hazardous Trade: Regulating Trade in Hazardous Goods at the Intersection of Sovereignty, Free Trade and Environmental Protection’ (submitted 2007, published in 2009 by Kluwer Law International) primarily studies the so-called Prior Informed Consent (‘PIC’)-mechanism in international agreements pertaining to trade in potentially hazardous substances, including the implementation of the mechanism in the EU, India and the US, and its compatibility with WTO requirements set out in the GATT, TBT and SPS-agreements. As the title implies the thesis covers areas typically identified as core public international law, environmental law and international economic law.

David’s more recent research spans a broad number of topics in the areas of environmental and energy law, law of the sea, and international economic law. He has particularly taken an interest in issues relating to carbon capture and storage (CCS), chemicals, energy efficiency and energy infrastructure, particularly transboundary sea based pipelines. Currently his primary focus is on security of supply and sustainable management of natural resources, especially minerals, in a transboundary context.

He is the lead author of the main textbook on EU environmental law in Scandinavia (EU:s miljörätt, 2011).

David has worked in several multidisciplinary research projects and has been responsible for the legal perspective in projects concerning carbon capture and storage ( and drivers for energy efficiency in municipal residential areas (

In 2013 David was awarded the Stockholm Center Oxford Fellowship for 2013-2014 which means that he is on leave from the Law faculty in Stockholm until September 2014 and instead holds a research position at the Law Faculty, University of Oxford and Christ Church College.

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International Law and the Global Economy
Semester: Spring term 2019
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Sara Freeman
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Pål Wrange


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