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Name:Sideek Mohamed Seyad
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Doctor of Laws
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European Law



Name: Sideek Mohamed Seyad

Sex: Male

Language skills: English, Sinhalese, Tamil and Swedish.




1. Bachelors degree in Law, (LLB), University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

2. Attorney at Law, Sri Lanka Law College, Colombo, Sri Lanka   

3. Master’s degree in Law (LLM), University of Colombo, Sri Lanka

4.  Post Graduate Diploma in Law, University of Stockholm, Sweden

5. Doctor in Law (LLD), Faculty of Law, University of Stockholm, Sweden

6. Docent in European Integration Law


Summer course Diplomas


1." Environmental Law and Introduction to EEC Law", Duke University, North Carolina, course conducted in Denmark.

2. "Problems in Contemporary International Law", Faculty of Law, University of Helsinki, Finland.

3. "A general course on Human Rights", International Institute f Human Rights, Strasbourg, France.

4. "East-West Relations", Institute of International Public Law, Thessaloniki, Greece.

5. “The International Community and the EC in view of the challenge of 1992", Institute of International Public Law, Thessaloniki, Greece.

6. "General and Specialised course on EEC Law and the Law of Human Rights in Europe", European University Institute, Academy of European Law, Italy.


Current employment


Senior Lecturer in European Integration Law, Faculty of Law, University of Stockholm


Previous employment


State Counsel, Attorney General’s Office, Sri Lanka


List of Publications




1.  EU Financial Law, Jure Publishing House, Stockholm, Sweden, March 2010 (447 pages).

2.  European Financial Integration Law, Jure Publications, Stockholm, Sweden, November 2001 (261 pages).

3.  European Law on the Free Movement of Capital and EMU, Kluwer Law International, the Netherlands 1999 (399 pages).

4.  Professor Bernitz, Ulf, (co-author) The Legal Structure of the European Financial Market, Norstedts Juridik AB, Stockholm, Sweden, 1997 (178 pages).


Peer-reviewed articles


5. ‘Current developments in the enforcement of WTO rulings under European Union Law’, [2015] Int.T.L.R. 102-115.

6. “ A legal analysis of the ECB’s OMT program to combat the debt crisis” (2015) 30 J.I.B.L.R.349-358.

7. “A legal analysis of the control of national budgets by the EU institutions” (2015) 30 J.I.B.L.R.251-260.

8.  “The impact of the financial and fiscal crisis on regional integration within and outside EU”  (2015) Chinese Journal of  International Law 35-50.

9. “The impact of the proposed Banking Union on the unity and integrity of the EU’s single market” (2013) J.I.B.L.R. 49-58.

10. “A critical evaluation of the revised and enlarged European Stability and Growth Pact (2012) J.I.B.L.R.  202-211.


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Swedish Law in Context
Semester: Autumn term 2019
Study period: 1
Rate of studies: 100%
Credits: 15.0
Language of instruction: English


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Linnéa Gegerfelt von
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