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My main assignment at the Department of Law is as Director of International Affairs for the period 2018-2021. This means that I am responsible for internationalization issues concerning student, teacher, staff and researcher exchanges.


I have a B.A. from Carleton College (USA), a J.D: from the University of Minnesota (USA), a masters of laws from Uppsala University, and a juris doktor (Ph.D.) from Stockholm University. I was a fellow at the Institute of European and Comparative Law and Christ Church, Oxford University during 2014-2015. I was nominated in 2017 by the Swedish Research Council to AcademiaNet as an outstanding woman of science.


I am the editor-in-chief of an international publication beginning in 2017, Comparative Discrimination Law published by Brill Nijhoff Publishing. I am a board member of the Education Council (Utbildningsutskottet), the Institutet för social civilrätt and the Stiftelsen Folke Schmidts minnesfond för arbetsrättslig forskning.


I am head of the labour law and family law departments. I am course director for Private Law C, and the upper-level elective courses, Equality Law, Comparative Law, American and English Business Law, and Family Law Across Borders.


My areas of research include labour and employment law, discrimination law, access to justice, comparative law and academic freedom.

I am currently working on several projects, a chapter on Access to Justice in Barbara Havelkova and Mathias Möschel (eds.), Anti-discrimination Law in Civil Jurisdictions (Oxford University Press) planned for 2019; a chapter on pay equity in Carin Wanman et al. (ed.), Festskrift till Örjan Edström planned for 2019; a chapter on The Paradox of Transgender Law in Sverige in Isabel Cristina Jaramillo Sierra (ed.), The Civil Status of Transgender Globally (Springer) planned for  2020; and a chapter on #MeToo and Sverige in Ann Noel (ed.), The Worldwide #MeToo Movement: Global Resistance to Sexual Harassment, planned for 2020. I am also a co-editor and author of a chapter on discrimination protections for the anthology, Arbetsrätt och välfärd/Labor Law and Social Welfare (Iustus) planned for 2019.

My most recently published book was the result of my most recent research project, Workers, Collectivism and the Law: Grappling with Democracy  -  A Comparative Legal Study of the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and the United States, was published by Edward Elgar Publishing in the fall of 2018.

I have recently completed three research projects. Together with Prof. Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg, we have completed the project, Employment law, copyright and privacy protection concerns as raised by teaching in digital environments, which was granted SEK 5.3 million by the Stiftelsen Marcus och Amalia Wallenbergs Minnesfond in 2012. The final book, The Wired World of University Teaching – Legal Challenges, was published by Ex Tuto in the summer of  2017. I was responsible for the policy section in the seventh framework EU research project, FamiliesAndSocieties - Changing families and sustainable societies: Policy contexts and diversity over the life course and across generations (€ 6.5 million during 2013-2017), which report also came out in 2017, I was also a researcher in the EU project ADPOLIS – Antidiscrimination policies successfully implemented. The project dealt with the success factors of policies against racial or ethnic discrimination that are already implemented in European cities amd was completed in the spring of 2018.

I have been a National Reporter several times, two of my favorite being EU projects within central labour law (the right to strike and the mandate of the union) administered by CGIL, an umbrella labour organization in Rome. I have also been a researcher in another seventh framework EU project, RECWOWE (2006-2012), Reconciling Work and Welfare, areas of research include labour and employment law, discrimination law, access to justice, comparative law and academic freedom.

My publications, see Divadatabas SU for articles


Laura Carlson, Grappling with Democracy: Workers, Collectivism and the Law (Edward Elgar Publishing 2018) 350 pages (peer reviewed)

Laura Carlson, Comparative Discrimination Law: Historical and Theoretical Frameworks, Brill Research Perspectives Series Comparative Discrimination Law (Brill Nijhoff Publishers, Volume 1, November 2017), 135 pages (peer reviewed)

Laura Carlson, Cecilia Magnusson Sjöberg och Frantzeska Papadopoulou, The Wired World of University Teaching – Legal Challenges (Ex Tuto 2017)

Laura Carlson, The Fundamentals of Swedish Law (Studentlitteratur 2019)

Laura Carlson, Swedish Real Property Law (Jure 2008)

Ronnie Eklund, Tore Sigeman and Laura Carlson, Swedish Labour and Employment Law: Cases and Materials (Iustus 2008)

Laura Carlson, Searching for Equality: Sex Discrimination, Parental Leave and the Swedish Model with Comparisons to EU, UK and US Law (Iustus 2007)

Laura Carlson, American Business Law, A Civil Law Perspective (Iustus 2004)

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Comparative Law
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