Environmental Law Across State Borders (ELASB)


Name:Jonas Ebbesson
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Doctor of Laws
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Environmental Law


Former Dean Faculty of Law (2012-2017).

Research and teaching mainly in environmental law. My research focuses on various aspects of environmental law, often in relation to other topic areas, and with an international twist. I have devoted much time and engagement to research on public participation in decision-making and access to justice in environmental matters. The topic concerns the relationship between environment protection, human rights and ‘environmental democracy’. I have also been involved in the United Nations’ work on these issues, within the framework of the 1998 Aarhus Convention. The parties to this Convention are required to ensure that persons and environmental organisations may participate in environmental decision-making processes and institute proceedings in a court of law in cases concerning these matters.

Other research themes of interest are environmental responsibility of transnational corporations, and the impact of law on the resilience of social-ecological systems. Yet another research area of mine is justice considerations in environmental law and policy. I am co-editor of "Environmental Law and Justice in Context" (Cambridge University Press, 2009). The underlying thesis of the book is that justice issues arise in all cases of environmental law; in law-making and in the application of the law, on a local as well as global level. 

I am Chair of the Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee since 2011, and I have been a member of the Committee since 2005. The Committee examines complaints from members of the public about lack of compliance by the 45+ parties (states and the EU) to the Convention (http://www.unece.org/env/pp/cc.html).

In 2006-2008 I was a member of the Expert Group on Environmental studies in the Swedish Ministry of Finance, and in 2001-2006 the "Book review editor" of the Yearbook of International Environmental Law (Oxford University Press). I have been advisor to various environmental law journals. In 2007 I was Director of the Centre for Transdisciplinary Environmental Research at Stockholm University (CTM), and a researcher at Stockholm Resilience Centre 2008-2011. 

I was for many years director for the courses "Environmental Law" (in Swedish) and "Environmental Law Across State Borders", and in 2011-2014 director for the Master Programme (one year) in Environmental Law.

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Environmental Law Across State Borders
Semester: Autumn term 2013
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Jonas Ebbesson


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