EU External Trade Relations Law and Policy (ETRLP-B)

Course description


Welcome to the course in EU External Trade Relations Law and Policy, the road to specialization in the fields of international trade, international investments and development aid!

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Learning objective/Course Aim

In accordance with the division of powers within the European Union (EU), the competence for a member state to develop external relations with countries not forming part of the Union (third countries) has to a great extent been transferred from the national level to the EU-institutions. We will focus on the shaping of a common commercial policy and the internal coordination of the EU’s activities on the international arena with respect to investments and aid. The Union is for the time being negotiating several trade agreements, e.g. with the USA and China, which are likely to have a major impact on the economies and cultures within the EU. The EU has also acceded to the multilateral agreements of the World Trade Organisation (WTO). Even if the European Commissioner responsible for trade is the Swedish politician Cecilia Malmström, this is the only course at a law program in Sweden providing an in-depth knowledge of the principles and mechanisms behind the EU’s role on the international trade arena. In addition to common commercial policy, the course covers the EU’s activities in the field of humanitarian aid and support to burgeoning economies in less developed parts of the world. At the end of the course you should be able to analyse, evaluate, and criticise the state of law. Ultimately you will solve given problems and present the findings orally and in writing.


The course is open to the undergraduate student in law who has obtained a minimum of 150 higher education credits (ECTs) from compulsory courses at the law program at Stockholm University. The course in EU External Trade Relations Law and Policy is also open to foreign undergraduate law students who are duly enrolled at the department of law at Stockholm University. A good knowledge of English is required.

Course description

The learning activities at the course consist of approximately 15 lectures and 6 seminars. Please note that you must attend 80% of the lectures and seminars. Absence will result in an extra assignment. In addition, you will write an essay and act as a commentator of an essay written by a peer. The skill training aims at improving your ability to write a more comprehensive work e.g. at the undergraduate law program at Stockholm University and to prepare you for academic work in general.


The examination consists of a written exam, an essay (10-15 pages) and a peer review. The written exam is digital. At the written exam you are allowed to use all the material included in the list of literature, the material distributed during the course, dictionaries and your own notes from lectures and seminars. Those who have written such notes on their computers are allowed to bring along the printouts of these notes. No reference material is allowed in digital form. No other electronic equipment except for the computer is allowed.

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Course title:
EU External Trade Relations Law and Policy
Semester: Spring term 2020
Study period: 1
Rate of studies: 100%
Credits: 15.0
Language of instruction: English


Course contact:
Course coordinator:
Asnate Maddalo
Course manager:
Claes Granmar


Granmar Claes
Iacovides Marios
Peter Kleen
Pär Hallström
Rikard Allvin