EU Internal Market Law (EUIML-B)

Course description


Welcome to the course in EU Internal Market Law, the road to specialisation in European market regulation!

Learning objective/Course Aim
The aim of the course is to provide an in-depth knowledge of the principles and mechanisms behind the regulation of trade and competition on the internal market as well as of the legal framework in substance. We will study i.e. intellectual property law, consumer law, competition law and the cross border flow of products and means for production in the context of the European Unification process. However, we will also take a look at the evolution of a common social dimension within the Union. Ever since the European Community matured into a Union in 1994, the need to understand various fields of law as integral parts of a consistent and coherent legal framework has been emphasised. Indeed, after the Lisbon reform in 2009 the harmonised laws of the Member States and the supranational legal norms are properly understood only in the light of constitutional EU law involving the division of powers, legislative procedures, and the administration of justice within the Union. At the end of the course you should be able to analyse, evaluate, but also criticise the state of law. Ultimately you will apply EU law to solve given problems and present the findings orally and in writing.

The course is open to undergraduate students in law who have obtained a minimum of 150 higher education credits (ECTs) from following compulsory courses at the law program at Stockholm University. The course in internal market law is also open to foreign undergraduate law students who are duly enrolled at the department of law at Stockholm University. A good knowledge of English is required since this language is used in all literature and learning activities throughout the course.

Course description
The learning activities consist of approximately 15 lectures and 10 seminars. In addition, you will write an essay that is presented and defended at an examination seminar, and act as a commentator of an essay written by a peer. This training is designed to improve your ability to write a more comprehensive work e.g. at a Swedish law program, and to prepare you for academic work in general.


The examination consists of a written exam, an essay (10-15 pages) and a peer review. The written exam is digital. At the written exam you are allowed to use all the material included in the list of literature, the material distributed during the course, dictionaries and your own notes from lectures and seminars. Those who have written such notes on their computers are allowed to bring along the printouts of these notes. No reference material is allowed in a digital form. No other electronic device except for a computer is allowed.

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Course title:
EU Internal Market Law
Semester: Spring term 2020
Study period: 1
Rate of studies: 100%
Credits: 15.0
Language of instruction: English


Course contact:
Course coordinator:
Asnate Maddalo
Course manager:
Claes Granmar


Granmar Claes
Iacovides Marios
Arvin Tayari
Mohammad Monirul Azam
Pernilla Lindh