International Law and the Global Economy (ILE-B)



2019-08-20 The re-exam will take place the 29th of August. Please register for the re-exam in fastreg.

2019-07-03 The course administrator is on holiday until the 12th of August and during that time no mail will be answered. Have a good summer!

2019-06-28 The points for the exam and the grades are now published in fastreg and will be shortly published in ladok

All parts of the examination must have been passed, and that includes each of the three parts of the written exam. In order to pass any part of the examination, half of the maximum score for that part is required (for part II of the exam Pål lowered the points for passing to 14).

The grades are as followed:

A (AB): 85
B (AB): 78
C (Ba): 71
D (Ba): 65
E   (B): 50

You can load down your exam from exia and you do that by logging in with your SUKAt konto (university konto). If you have problem contact IP helpdesk, tfn 08-16 19 99 or mail

In fastreg under activities you can see points for each examination.

2019-06-04 The results for the case study and the opposition and presentation of case study is now published in fastreg under activities.


Take-home essay questions

The answers shall be emailed to and before 09.00, 5 June, or handed in at the start of the exam on 5 June, 2019:

  1. Choose one of these two topics. Absolute maximum number of words: 500.

    1. Is the global economy regulated in a manner which is socially/environmentally/economically sustainable? Is it regulated in a fair manner? (For this question you may choose to focus on social, on environmental or on economic sustainability or on fairness.)

    2. What is the difference between politics and the economy? Can we think about the one without thinking about the other? An answer to this question should include references to law.

  2. Discuss the methods used to regulate the international financial markets, in particular how they differ from the regulation of international trade or investments; this is the main questions. Comment further briefly on how the international financial system is important for international trade and investment. Maximum 500 words.

2019-05-24 It is now possible to register for the exam on wednesday the 5th of June in fastreg so please do so if poosible. It is ok to come to the exam without having registererd for it.

2019-05-20 The points from the Mock Moot regarding memo and the oral presentation is published in fastreg under activities.

2019-05-17 Changes in the schedule regarding the presentation of the case study. More time has been added for the case presentation the 22nd of May, see the chages marked in red. The presentation the 23rd of May might not be used

2019-05-17 Power Points from Kelly Chens lecture the 8th and 10th of May and Påls lectuyre the 13 may is published under course material/lectures Part IV.

2019-04-25  As mentioned in class today, the Mock NWC group could benefit from a further member. If anyone would like to switch from Mock Artonia or Mock Bartland to NWC, please contact Sofie Sternberg or Avikesh Chandra. If you don't have their email addresses, please contact Sara Freemand. PW

Please note that we have moved the written exam from afternoon to 09.00 in the morning of 5 June; the take-home exam will be moved to 4 June 09.00. Please also note that we have inserted two more lessons for the presentations of the case-studies in 23 May. Further, the composition of the teams for the Mock/Moot have been adjusted; the new list has been uploaded. PW

2019-04-17 The documents for the Mock/Moot exercise have now been uploaded. Please read through the case as well as the instructions. We will discuss the case Tuesday next week.

It appears that the general preference is to have the written exam in the morning of 5 June rather than in the afternoon. (The timing of the take-home exam will be adjusted accordingly.) I will instruct Sara next week to try to rebook. PW

2019-04-15 I have just uploaded a new version of the Study Quetions document, which includes study questions for the this week and the following week. It appears that Socrative has not worked out. We will discuss that tomorrow. I will also post the mock/moot exercise within the next few days. PW

2019-04-12 I will be on vaccation next week, week 16, and will not be able to answer email during that time. I will be back the 23rd of April. Have a happy easter! Best regards course administrator Sara Freeman

2019-04-11 Power Points from lessons with David Langlet that will be held tomorrow and next week is uploaded under course material/lectures/ Part III.

2019-04-09 Workshop readings and questions for the workshop the 11th of April with David Schneiderman is uploaded under course material  /lectures/ Part II.

2019-04-03 Power Points from yesterdays lecture with Pål is uploaded under course material/lectures/ Part I.

2019-04-02 Power Points from yesterdays lecture with Pål is uploaded under course material/lectures/ Part I.

2019-03-29 Power Points from yesterdays lecture with Pål is uploaded under course material/lectures/ Part I.

2019-03-27 Power Points from todays lectures with Pål is uploaded under course material/lectures.

2019-03-25 The syllabus is uploaded under socursematerial/syllabus


Welcome to the course International Law and the Global Ecomy!

2019-02-20 The schedule is now published but it is preliminary to the course starts and can be changed. After the course starts changes in the schedule will be marked in red. The reading list is updated to spring 2019.

Course administrator Sara Freeman

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Course title:
International Law and the Global Economy
Semester: Spring term 2019
Study period: 1
Rate of studies: 100%
Credits: 15.0
Language of instruction: English


Course contact:
Course coordinator:
Sara Freeman
Course manager:
Pål Wrange


Chen Kelly
Langlet David
Wrange Pål
David Schneiderman
Kaj Hober
Mpoki Mwakagali
Théo Jaekel