International Criminal Law (ICL-P)


2020-02-07 The grades are the following, your grade will be published in fastreg and ladok in the beginning of next week.

AB=85               A=93
BA=71               B=85
B=55                 C=79

2020-02-07 The results from the take-home exam and the points for seminar and memos are published in fastreg now. The grades for the course will be published shortly, probably in the beginning of next week.

2020-01-16 I have received questions rerding the word limit and references.

You dont need to include a list of literature. State the full reference the first time you use it in a footnote. You can use short form if you use the same reference in a later footnote.

Footnotes and references will be against/according to the 2*1500 (3 000) word limit. / MK

 The take home exam

Candidates must answer ANY TWO (2) of the four questions.

ICL Exam Questions

Question 1:

The effective enforcement of international criminal law will only occur when national enforcement mechanisms are more closely aligned with the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court.

Discuss the extent to which you agree with this statement. As part of you answer, you should refer to at least the domestic implementation of international criminal law in at least one State.

Question 2:

The legal distinction between international and internal armed conflicts is essential for the effective application of a key part of International Criminal Law.


Question 3:

The pursuit of peace, reconciliation and prevention of international crimes will only occur with the criminal prosecution before a court.

Discuss the extent to which you agree with this statement. As part of you answer, you should refer to at least the one conflict.

Question 4:

Identify and explain what you consider to be the greatest challenges currently facing International Criminal Law.


Word limit for the exam: Maximum 1500 words per question.


I sent you all an email earlier with the questions and  the instructions.

2020-01-16 Now the home exam is publisehd under course material.

2019-12-17 The points for Moot Court oral presentation is now published in fastreg under activities.

2019-12-12 I have posted a mock take-home exam at the course website under the folder "Old exams". Please consult that mock exam when preparing for the exam in January. I have also changed the maximum word limit to 1 500 words. / MK

2019-12-12 I got a question via e-mail and want to make a clarification in order to avoid any misunderstandings. During my last lecture with you there was a discussion on how many pages the paper to be submitted for tomorrow's seminar (13 December) should contain. During the lecture I initially said three pages and one of you said that in the instructions for the seminar it said one page - it should be one page. The paper only needs to deal with your individual essay, not any of the other questions for the seminar (i.e. questions 1-4). / MK

In forum (fastreg) you can now hand in your essay topics until 23:59 tonight. 

2019-12-09 The 12th of December between 13-15 there will be a make-up seminar for those how have missed one or two seminars. See the schedule for details.

2019-12-09 Power Points from Sallys lecture 5th of December is uploaded under course material.

2019-12-06 There has been questions regarding seminar 10. The one-page paper for seminar 10 shall be submiotted via Forum. The instruction at the course website for seminar 10 has been changed accordingly. / MK

Today´s reception hours at the course administrator is cancelled.

2019-12-05 I understand that there is still some unclarity what you should during the moot. In order to avoid any misunderstandings I have slightly updated the schedules in order to reinforce what I said during the lecture 2019-12-04, see updates of the schedules on the course website. 

1. The parties should start to present their claims/standpoints – this should be very short – maximum 1-3 sentences.

For example, the prosecutor: "I claim that the defendant should be convicted for aiding and abetting murder November 3rd, 2017, on Universitetsvägen 10, Stockholm."

For example, the defendant: "Our client admits the alleged facts of the Prosecutor. However, he denies criminial responsibility for the alleged acts due to mental insanity".

2. After that the parties should give reasons for their claims – each party will have ten minutes for this.

3. Each party will be given opportunity to rebut on the other parties arguments, in total this part is 10 minutes. If you want to introduce new arguments that you did not raise in stage 2, do it here.

4. Finally each party can wrap up and summarize their arguments and each party has 10 minutes for this. Here you can reconnect to what you said under stages 1- 3 (where you have presented your claim/standpoint, given reasons and respond to the arguments of the other parties). /MK

2019-12-03 The instructions for seminar 7 is uploaded in the course material under tutorials.

2019-11-27 The date for the hand in for the essay is the 9th of January. Earlier it said the 7th of January on the schedule but it is wrong. It is now changed to the 9th of January and the change is marked in red at the schedule.

2019-11-25 Slides from Williams lecture this last Friday is uploaded under course material.

2019-11-21 A new course guide has been uploaded under the course material/practical information. In this document it is new instruction for the take-home exam. The instructiomns now is that it is two questions and 2500 words per question

2019-11-20 A Rwanda map has been uploaded under course material/Lennart. This is for the lesson today with Lennart.

2019-11-20 Lennart Aspegren has sent in some material for his lecture tomorrow. The material is uploaded under course material/Lennart.

2019-11-19  Power Points from todays lecture with Mats is uploaded under course material/Power Points.

2019-11-15 The Kosovo Specialist Chambers (KSC) is seeking an intern, starting January 2020 or later during the Spring as agreed. Deadline 20 November 2019. Location: The Hague. Interns receive a monthly living allowance of €750 per full month. Full information available in document available at SU/ICL course website, folder: practical information. / MK

Power Points from Hevis lecture yesterday is uploaded under course material. A new instruction for tutorial 3 has been uploaded under tutorials in the course material.

2019-11-14 Textbokk excerpt for seminar 2 Aggression is uploaded under coursematerial/ textbook excerpt.

2019-11-13 Power Points from todays lecture with William is uploaded under course material/Power Points.

2019-11-13 There is a facebook group in this course. If you want to join please follow this link,

2019-11-13 Power Points from yesterday lecture with Hevi is uploaded under course material/Power Points.

2019-11-12 The goups for the Moot COurt is uploaded under coursematerial/moot Court.

2019-11-07 If you have problems with getting hold of the textbook, here is some informtion:

The first editions is available as an e-book free of cost for the reader via the University library:

The first edition may work somewhat until you get the fourth edition. You will make it somewhat through seminars 1 and 3 with the first edition, it will be a problem with seminar 2.

The fourth edition may be downloaded as an e-book via Bokus, however you need to pay:

 Adlibris writes they can deliver a printed book within 2-5 days:

2019-11-07 Instructions for seminar 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10 is uploaded under course material/tutorials. Instructions for the other seminars will be uploaded later. A written memo should be handed in to each seminar in fastreg forum. The forum opens one day ahead of the seminar. So you can hand in the written memo one day before the seminar and then it is open for hand in until the seminar starts. If you have problems with the forum on monday  email .

2019-10-21 A course guide for autumn 2019 is published under course material/practical information.

2019-10-21 The reading list is updated to autumn 2019.

2019-09-25 Welcome to the course! The schedule is now published but it is preliminary until the course starts and changes can be made. After the course starts the changes in the schedule will be marked in red.

The coursematerial will be updated around the time the course starts.

Course administrator Sara Freeman

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International Criminal Law
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