Rule of Law. Legal Reform and International Org. (RULE-P)



You can now log on to Fastreg and sign up for the re-exam on the 16 th of Fanuary. Please note that students who have not signed up are not allowed to take the exam.


The results from the essay and opposition are posted on Fastreg now.


Regarding the essay seminars: if you are not able to attend in person but wish to attend via Skype, please send an e-mail to the course administrator as soon as possible.

Instructions regarding the oppostion has been added in the file namned "Essay".

2017-12-15 You can now log on to Fastreg and sign up for the exam on the 12th of January. Students who have not signed up are not allowed to take the exam.

The articles for the examination are published on Fastreg.


2017-11-28 The group assignments for Wednesday 13 December are now published in the course material. The groups are encouraged to have a preliminary discussion before the class on Monday 4 December, that will provide an opportunity for questions and comments on the assignments.

2017-11-27 Instruction regarding the memo: it only has to be one (1) page long. The midway memo is to be an account of your chosen subject, as well as an account of your working process. You do not need to add references.


Link to Richard Sannerholms lecture on the 24th of November:


Information concerning the routines for addressing harassment and discrimination in the classroom and in learning environments


The Faculty of Law and the Department of Law whole-heartedly support the #medvilkenrätt (Eng. #withwhatright) movement and will briefly inform students as to the internal responsibility and routines in place concerning harassment and discrimination


The Faculty of Law and the Department of Law are responsible for ensuring that harassment and discrimination do not occur in classrooms and other learning environments. Neither is the manifestation of attitudes based on sexism, racism or homophobia, or that are negatively age or disability related to be tolerated. The Faculty of Law and the Department of Law actively work to prevent the occurrence of such behaviour and manifestations of such attitudes among their teachers and students in working and learning environments.  


In those cases in which harassment or discrimination have occurred, it is the objective of the Faculty of Law and the Department of Law that students can report such behaviour in a secure setting and that students understand that such reports are taken very seriously.  Students can report such occurrences to the Head of Department and Deputy Head of Department, the Dean and Vice Deans of the Faculty of Law, or the Equality Coordinator, whose names are found at both websites, ie and Such incidences can also be reported to the course director, course administrator or student course administrators.


Reports can be made anonymously and students can request that their identity not be disclosed. Normally, the involved teacher or student who is believed to have harassed or discriminated would be contacted for a discussion as to the events. Reported incidents are not pursued further as against teachers or students without the consent of the reporting student. A report can be submitted in writing, however, students are always free to contact the management of the Faculty or Department in order discuss the events. To emphasise again, any reports made are treated very seriously.


The Faculty of Law’s support for the #medvilkenrätt movement and brief information (in Swedish) on what is being done to prevent harassment and discriminatory actions at the Faculty can be found at:


The Management of the Faculty of Law and the Department of Law


Please see the schedule, the lecture that should have taken place on the 14th of December is moved to the 14th of November (10-12).

The course coordinators visting hours are cancelled today, the 9 th of November.

For the time we are not able to log in to Fastreg, this means that no changes can be made in the schedule, and some functions in Fastreg intra may be unavailable for the moment. Fastreg should be up and running again on Monday.

2017-11-01 Essays should be submitted via e-mail, in pdf-format, to on the 20th of December, before 14:00 CET. All essays will then be published on Fastreg so that you can prepare for the oppositions.

2017-10-18 Fastreg will be unavailable from the 26th of October due to a systemupgrade (Ladok). This means that, for example, the schedule will not be accessible from the above date. The administration will not have access either. Fastreg will be available from week 45 again. Make sure you have copied the schedule.

2017-09-22 A preliminary schedule has been published, please note that the schedule can be changed. Always check under the tab "Schedule" to see the latest version. Also note tha one more lecture will be added,

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Course title:
Rule of Law. Legal Reform and International Org.
Semester: Autumn 2017
Study period: 1
Rate of studies: 100%
Credits: 15.0
Language of instruction: English


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Lee Billing Graflund
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Claes Sandgren


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Sandgren Claes
Erik Wennerström
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Richard Sannerholm