International Criminal Law (ICL)


All your results are now published. Your grade will come later today.
(OMR 2014 02 07)

If you wants to complain the results you may send a written and motivated complaint to the amanuensis and I will pass it on to Said. Your papers are held by the amanuensis for two years. You are welcome to come to my office and get it

Swedish grade:
B= 50-62
Ba= 63-82
AB= 83-100

A= 90-100
B= 83-89
C= 73-82
D= 64-72
E= 50-63
- - - - - - - -
FX= Fail
F= Fail

You can now find results from your individual paper. (OMR 2014 01 16)

You can now find results from Motion 2 (OMR 2013 12 17)

Cecilias lection at Dec. 12 is cancelled as she is home sick.(OMR 2013 12 12)

During the coaching sessions the different teams have asked for various clarifications. We have made three clarifications and uploaded a new version of the case: 1)  Background: Ruritania is not a state party to the Rome Statute, 2) Case 1: Paul was ordered by his superiors to commit the massacre. Henry initially refused to take part in the massacre but after having being threatened to be killed he participated. 3) Case 2, oral pleading: John  has been convicted by the Trial Chamber. Based on the role you have the appeals proceedings, ... (MK 2013 11 28)

I have made an order on 10 copies of "Selected documents". I will make a note when they come to the book store. (OMR 2013 11 28)

There is material published for Lennart Aspegrens lecture. Please take a look on it before the lecture. (OMR 2013 11 27)

You can now find material from Fredrik Holst and Said Mahmodi on the website. (2013 11 19 OMR)

Please notice that some of the rooms in the schedule are changed. (OMR 13 11 15)

Mark Klamberg rescheduled his coaching to nov. 28 as so few students planned to participate later today (OMR 2013 11 15)

You can find the CLICC (Commentary on the Law of the International Criminal Court) here. You can also find other research ressources relevant for motions 1 and 2 and the individual paper here. (MK 13 11 15)

Change in schedule. War crimes and IHL will be given 19 nov. 12-14. You can now find material from the introduction under course material. (2013 11 13 OMR) Mark Klamberg may be delayed by 10 to 15 minutes for his lecture today. (OMR 2013 11 12) You can now find a preliminary schedule for the course. (OMR 13 09 16)

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Course title:
International Criminal Law
Semester: Autumn term 2013
Study period: 1
Rate of studies: 100%
Level: Basic Course
Credits: 15.0
Language of instruction: English


Course contact:
Course coordinator:
Teaching assistant:
Ole Martin Rystad
Course manager:
Said Mahmoudi


Mahmoudi Said
Wrange Pål
Barbara Goy
Cecilia Nilsson Kleffner
Fredrik Holst
Hans Corell
Joakom Zetterstedt
Lennart Aspegren
Magnus Elving
Mark Klamberg
Mats Deland
Sally Longworth